Sunday, February 15, 2015

Improv Bar Part 1 - Buckets of Cosmos for Girls Weekend

Checklist for Girls Weekend in Miami:
 - Bathing suit: check!
 - Portable plastic shaker: check!
 - Sunshine: check!
 - Fun friends ready for a good time: check!
 - Publix and a liquor store across the street: check!
 - Measuring cups and a pitcher: well...

Time for an Improv Bar! 

Using ice buckets in place of pitchers, an in-room cup to measure the proportions, and sugar packets poured onto a plastic bag to dip the glasses for the rimmer, we concocted Perfect Cosmos for 12. It was a bit of a sticky challenge, but we made it work without spilling a drop.

Here's the recipe: The Perfect Cosmo

They were delicious as always, and (bonus!) presented beautifully on the snack tray. Ta-da!

Of course, we couldn't keep the party confined to the room. I mean look at that VIEW!

Have shaker, will travel

Up to the roof top pool we went! The result?
Best. Happy hour. Ever.

Here's to us! And to girls weekends everywhere.

sip. savor. celebrate!

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