Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Here's to 2015! Celebrate with a New Years Rockin'-tini!

Happy New Year!
Happy New Year, friends!

I don't know about you, but I'm ready for a new year.  A fresh start. Resolutions. Well wishes. You know the drill. So, let's celebrate with a special toast:

"May 2015 be a little sweet, a little sassy, and a lot rich with beautiful strength and happiness!"

Share this toast with friends and family...and a special New Years Rockin'-tini (a special shout out to Cheryl and Karin for helping perfect it):

New Years Rockin'-tini
2 oz. citrus vodka (We used Smirnoff.)
2 oz. blue raspberry mixer (We used Rose's.)
2 oz. champagne

Measure: Making them for a group, measure the vodka and blue raspberry into a 4-cup measuring glass.

Rim the glass: For this one, go with pure white sugar - the classic - to hold the wish for a simple and sweet new year.

Shake: Pour a batch of the martini mixture into a shaker 2/3 filled with ice. Shaking is key - shake vigorously for a good 30 seconds.

Pour into rimmed glass until 2/3 full.

Top with champagne to add a little sass!

diamond ice
Garnish with a diamond of ice. Check these out! I made them with a silicone form that my girlfriend and I found in Georgetown. (Thanks, Shel.) They represent a 2015 rich with strength and happiness.

So simple, yet so wonderful. Wishing you all the best in 2015!

sip. savor. celebrate!

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